Monday, April 30, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bottom of the Barrel

I oughta make more posts about my work. There's some funny stuff that goes on here. Problem is they're mostly in-jokes. This one, however, I think is shocking and funny enough to be universal.

It won't make it funnier, but I'll just mention that this child care provider is under investigation for fraud and is generally an ass.

La Wanda, one of the more notorious people that I have to deal with on a regular basis, was in the local newspaper defending her son who's been arrested for attempted murder and gangbanging. He was arrested in a courthouse when he went in to pay a traffic citation.

It's the quotes that get me. Note the plug for her child care business.
"'My son is a 3.5 GPA college student and a football player at Glendale Community College,' said his mother, who is the owner of Sanford & Kids Day Care on North Raymond Avenue. 'How does being a gang member go together with that?'"

The article also makes a point of mentioning the "gang-based hostilities" that took place during the hearing.

Something about this job gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I think that feeling is cynicism.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Behold the Generation Gap

Amie (my 40 year old supervisor): "'G-mail?' That sounds like some gangster rapper!"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh Pavlov, You Crazy Russian...

I'm falling asleep for the fourth day in a row at work. This is troubling, because it's not due to a complete lack of things to do, or a sense of disdain for doing them. No, indeed I believe my trusty BA can help me figure this out.

I used to have a hard time staying awake when I drove from the valley to see Mahea in Eagle Rock. It happened once because I hadn't had any sleep, and then every time for weeks no matter how awake I felt when I got into the car.

I think at some point she was with me or I had some great music or something, cause after I managed to have one alert car ride, the drowsiness abandoned me. Drowsiness is irresponsible that way.

I think the blame for my work time tiredness may fall on classical conditioning. Either that or my job is boring...

Alternatively, I could have contracted mild narcolepcy after spending so much time with Stuart as my roommate.

And nobody suggest coffee cause that stuff just gets me high and then drops me like an all-too-easy date. That may be a terrible annalogy but I really can't come up with a better one. Not when I'm sleepy.